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Meet Steve Miller, President and Founder of Galiant Homes. A Colorado custom home builder

Steve Miller, President’s Page

Galiant Homes was founded in 2012 with one simple goal in mind – to provide a personalized, one-of-a-kind custom design and build experience to people looking for something special. This goal was first envisioned by owner Steve Miller. Although the company was founded in 2012, the seeds for this idea were sown a long time ago. Steve was a graduate of West Point Academy who took the school’s honor code to heart, “A Cadet will not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do.” Armed with a strong sense of integrity to all he received from his Alma Mater, he began his new journey into the unknown. After traveling the world as an Officer and Black Hawk Pilot in the US Army, Steve joined a national home builder and ran the Rocky Mountain housing division in Colorado and Wyoming. While building in the Rocky Mountains and the front range, Steve obtained his Master’s Degree from the University of Denver, and soon after, Galiant Homes was born.

Large national home builders see their clients as a number and Steve wanted a more personalized approach to designing and building a client’s dream home. Steve started Galiant with a vision of one day building homes that he and his clients were very proud of. The humble beginnings of Galiant Homes included small remodel projects where Steve performed much of the work. From framing to trim carpentry to painting – until one day he took the leap and built his first home. Ever since then,  Galiant’s success has exceeded expectations year over year with multiple awards and expanding into the Denver market.

Even with the success of Galiant, Steve still has a personal touch on every home designed and built. As a member of the design team and an intricate involvement in the day to day operations, clients still view Galiant as a boutique builder but with a giant’s impression.

Steve, and his wife, Dr. Krissy Miller, have three beautiful children who they love to take skiing, play sports, and visit family in Boise and New York as often as possible.

Galiant’s Steve Miller

Steve Miller, President of Galiant Homes, sits down with Greg Fowler of Real Estate Titans. Steve talks about what motivates him and the mission behind Galiant Homes.

Steve Miller


  • University of Denver, Master’s Program – 2010
  • Captain (Ret.), Black Hawk Pilot – United States Army
  • Has built over 1,000 homes
  • Husband and Father of 3
  • Originally from Idaho
  • Has lived in Colorado since 2008