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Custom Home Design

Your home design is critical when building a custom home. Galiant’s large and diverse design team takes your vision and turns it into reality. Galiant’s team is there with you every step of the way, offering suggestions and ideas you may have not thought of – plus an array of other home design services.

Design with Galiant

Turning your vision to reality is achieved by Galiant’s large investment into the home design process. A Galiant home is unique, efficient and built with high level craftsmanship. Galiant’s home design team consists of builder, architects, project managers and interior designers. This ensures their clients that every aspect of their vision is being considered and implemented into the design of their new home.

Designing a home is more than just a set of floor plans, below is a list of the services included with a Galiant home design:

Due Diligence

When you purchase a piece of land to build your home, knowing what’s in the ground and if the home you want is allowed is critical to determine if your lot is the right one for you. Galiant’s due diligence services help you understand that by providing the following services included in the Design agreement:

Soils Testing – A Galiant representative will work with our engineer to determine the best location to drill for a soils test. Once the soils are analyzed in the lab and sent back to Galiant, they will advise their client of the findings and suggest whether the soils are good for your home foundation and/or mitigation required for it.

Topography and Boundary Survey – A custom home is designed to a lot so understanding the contours of a lot are crucial for design. What seems obvious by the eye can be very different than the actual topography.

Septic Test Pits (If applicable) – If your lot does not have city utilities and needs a septic system

Utility Tap Locations – Using the developers as-built drawings, Galiant’s design team will determine the locations of the utility taps such as, water, sewer, natural gas, electricity,and phone/internet.

Covenant Guidelines – Galiant will design the home of your dreams but if the community covenants won’t allow it based on items like size requirements, architectural style, and placement then you will need to reevaluate purchasing that lot. Galiant’s team will help determine these items and negotiate with the review board on their clients behalf.

Floor Plans

Custom floor plans developed around the way you and your family lives. Galiant’s design team partners with their clients to create world-class floor plans utilizing every possible square foot effectively.  Your design team will begin by learning how your family lives, if you entertain guests often, if you want all main-level living, how many stories you want in your home, etc. Galiant couples this information with the topography of your lot to best use the land and incorporate this into the design.

  1. Custom floor plans: Galiant’s design team creates floor plans around the way your family lives.
  2. Staying on budget: Floor plans can get carried away pretty quickly, Gallant’s team is there to help stay on budget and utilizing every square foot efficiently.
  3. Built for your lot: Have a lot that is very steep? Challenging topography? Difficult access? No problem for Galiant’s design experts.

Galiant has a large library of floor plans to help you get started. See a few of Galiant’s recent floor plans and how every square foot is used effectively…no wasted space!

Galiant’s library of house floor plans include simple floor plans, luxury floor plans, duplex floor plans, 3-8 car garage plans, townhome floor plans, and more. 

Selecting Your Finishes

The fun part of building a custom home is choosing everything that goes in and on it…

Exterior Selections

Personalizing your new home is the fun in designing a custom home. With the help of Galiant’s design team, you will select your exterior finishes such as:

  • Stone – color, stack style, patterns, placement
  • Stucco – color, texture, placement
  • Window color and style
  • Wood timbers and corbels
  • Eve material, colors, patterns
  • Fascia size, color, style
  • Garage door style, material and colors

And much more…

Interior Selections

From selecting wood floors, wall colors, cabinets, plumbing, lighting, shower tiles and countertops, Galiant’s Interior Designers are there every steps of the way. They will guide you through the many selections needed to complete the home of your dreams and keep you on track with the building timeline while considering your budget. Many of Galiant’s competitors will send their clients to a showroom only to be overwhelmed by the selections. Galiant’s designers will arrange the meetings and meet you at the various partnering design centers to make selections and will keep record of all your selections to ensure a cohesive design flow. All of your selections will be logged into our online builder program for you to formally approve and reference whenever you like.

3d Home Renderings

Galiant provides their clients with 3d home rendering images and video to see exactly what you’re getting before construction.

3d Front and Rear Elevations

Not everyone can visualize their home design on paper. Galiants design services provide their clients with high-resolution 3d renderings of the front and rear of the home prior to construction. This enables you to make any changes that you and Galiant may identify when seeing it in 3d. 

3d Exterior and Interior Video

Flying around your new home and through the interior give Galiant clients a first hand look at what you and your guests will see when walking inside your home. See your actual views from your kitchen, great room & master bedroom.

3d custom home flythrough 

Whether you are a fan of HOAs or not, the majority of communities Galiant designs and builds in require a HOA review process. Galiant’s design team will handle every aspect of submitting and negotiating variances if needed, and obtaining approvals.

Typical design HOA Design Guidelines consist of:

Home Size Requirements

Architectural Design

Home Placement

Landscaping Requirements

Detached Structure Guidelines

Driveway Configurations and Materials


Utility Pedestal Placement

Fire Sprinkler and Exterior Materials

Tree Removal


Drainage, Erosion & Sediment Control (DESC) plan is required in some counties in Colorado 

A DESC plan is done by a certified civil engineer and identifies areas of disturbance when building a new home. A civil engineer is contracted by Galiant Home on the client’s behalf and work together on creating the DESC plan.

A DESC plan is used for:

New construction, land disturbance and/or lot grading associated with single-family detached residential units.

Reconstruction and additions to single-family detached residential units.

Construction of, addition to, or land disturbance and/or lot grading associated with non-habitable structures that require a Building Permit. (Barns, Detached Garages, Etc.)

When you hire Galiant Homes as your custom builder, they will facilitate and manage all the required permits, including a DESC permit on your behalf.

Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical & Plumbing

structural content

Galiant’s Interior Designers don’t stop at the interior finishes, they are there to help fully furnish and decorate your home if you would like to have your home move in ready.  They have hundreds of product lines to shop from and can help take the headache out of space planning and selecting all the furniture, artwork, rugs and accessories needed to finish your dream home.  Galiant’s design team coordinates the ordering, tracking, delivery and set up of all of these things so you walk into a finished home.

They also have access to the full Hunter Douglas line of window coverings and can design custom drapes for that finishing touch.

La Visiere

Galiant's 2016 Parade of Homes | With the backdrop of Pike’s Peak in full view, La Visiere stands proud against the Tom Weiskopf designed Flying Horse golf course. With a combination of wood, stone and stucco, the custom home exterior lures you in with its’ distinctive French Country style.


Galiant's 2019 Parade of Homes | Utilizing a flat lot to maximize mountain views, encourage entertaining and create a family fun environment. Buried basements are dark and can present other issues such as flooding, so why not put the basement up? That is exactly what Galiant Homes did by positioning the “basement” above The Vanderbilt’s main level, achieving sweeping views of Colorado Springs’ front range and the Air Force Academy.


Galiant's 2020 Parade of Homes | Galiant Homes’ award-winning in-house designer Amy Nelson has curated luxury finishes and quality furnishings for this home that compliment the contemporary architecture and provide the homeowners with on-trend, comfortable, lasting style.

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