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May 2021

Semi-Custom vs. Custom Homes

For some the choice is budget, for others it's having a home that truly represents their personality. The difference between a semi-custom and a custom home are drastic and it takes a professional team of designers and builders to produce beautiful custom homes.

March 2021

Custom Home Design Trends ’21

As seen by our Interior Designer, Amy Nelson, explains the difference we see in a homes' interior design in the Colorado Springs and Denver regions. Although subtle to the layperson, the differences in the popular contemporary designs can be strikingly different in the two cities.

February 2021

Construction Loans

The building process can be complex, but Galiant Homes & Community Banks of Colorado will walk you through the process every step of the way. Seasoned Construction Officers are passionate about helping families live their best life! And, along with their experience, we’ve managed to simplify the construction process by tailoring it to fit your needs, and cutting down on approval times. So, what exactly goes on during the construction process?

Custom Home Cost Factors

What does it cost to build a custom home? There are many factors that impact the cost to build a custom home, even things you may not think about. Items such as development costs, utility taps, required fire sprinkler systems, are all things that will impact your build cost. Read more about cost factors and use Galiant's build calculator to see what it will cost to build your new home.

What You Can Expect from Galiant Homes

  1. The Galiant design team includes Interior Designers, Architects, Project Managers and the Builder collaborating with you to create a one-of-a-kind custom home built around the way you and your family live.
  2. Galiant field staff will meet with their client to go over expectations, communication preferences, scheduling and start date. This meeting is the client’s opportunity to ask the field staff construction questions and to let them know what they expect as well.Additionally, Galiant’s field staff will have a pre-construction meeting with the trades (plumber, electrician, framer, foundation team, etc.) Like the client pre-construction meeting, this is an opportunity to make sure the assembled team and Galiant staff are all on the same page. This approach helps in streamlining the build of your new home.
  3. Stay up to date during the entire build process.  From your cell phone or computer you will have the build of your new home at your fingertips. Login to your home site to view the construction schedule, see daily logs and photos from the field staff, view and approve selections and more! Clients aren’t always able to visit the construction site which is why Galiant has implemented an online solution for their clients to stay informed and up-to-date on their new home.
Apogee Main Floor Plan

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