The Cost of Building a Custom Home in Colorado

The price of your custom home — designed and constructed exclusively for you — is affected by many factors. Based on Galiant’s experience building in the South Denver, Parker, Castle Rock and Colorado Springs areas, we offer advice to you with the goal of maximizing your budget in order to build the home of your dreams.

What factors affect your home’s price?

  1. Lot / location and development
  2. Size, materials, systems, ancillary features/buildings
  3. General conditions

Lot location and development.

Land expense is the first component of your home’s price.

In planned communities the developer prices the site to include up-front land development expenses. Land in the country, without infrastructure, increases expenses. Because Galiant is a turnkey design and build company, we include all development such as grading, site preparation, septic system or sewer, electricity, landscaping in the final price of your home.

If you do not have a building lot, Galiant’s allied professionals provide their expertise during your lot selection, guiding you to a choice that fits your vision and budget.

Size and materials matter.

Homes come in all shapes and sizes: sprawling ranch homes or multi-story homes with smaller footprints and everything in between.

You might think homes with higher interior square footage cost more, but that is not always true. For example, a small footprint home may incur less foundation and roof construction expense. Yet those savings may be minimized by the selection of luxe finishes for the interior or exterior. For example, natural stone veneer is more costly than engineered stone or cementitious siding. A timber-frame home costs more than a stick built one. A custom home built with engineered lumber as compared to dimensional lumber incurs an expense as much as 1.5 times greater for similar quantities of lumber.

Systems including HVAC, plumbing, electrical / structured wiring, fixtures, finishes and fittings impact your budget. Pools, outdoor kitchens and ancillary buildings all increase your price. But with our expertise, you can select component items carefully, saving in some areas and splurging in others. At Galiant we consider each element’s budget impact and help you choose wisely.

Project overhead and permits.

General conditions are the hard costs a builder incurs being in business. Galiant maximizes your budget through our efficient practices and professional knowledge.

Additionally, there are permits to pull and fees to pay to governmental entities in your home’s community. Here again, our local knowledge is a guide to maximizing your budget.

Use our cost calculator.

We invite you to submit your custom home requirements using our Cost Calculator so you may begin the custom home building process.