The Difference in Semi-Custom vs. Custom Homes

Explore the difference between a semi-custom and custom home

Now that you have decided to build a home, next you must decide which type of home you want: a custom home or a semi-custom home. Consider the differences between them…

What is a semi-custom home?

In short, a semi-custom home is one where you do not begin from scratch. The house starts with a pre-designed floor plan, frequently one the builder has constructed before. Compared to purchasing clothing, this is analogous to buying a high-end designer suit or dress. The fabric choice is made, yet you can have it fitted for you. However, you may see someone else in the same dress.

Most semi-custom homes are placed on lots within a development with infrastructure installed. Decisions such as setbacks, placement of homes relative to the street, and HOA are fixed. A semi-custom home has a precise layout, with limited options for structural changes. The plan assumes the use of scheduled materials and finishes. Change orders are not usually easy to accommodate or encouraged beyond paint color changes.

A pre-selected range of materials keeps the build on budget. What does this mean for you? Your selections choices are narrowed. If you prefer quartzite countertops, or a three car garage, or a fully-finished basement instead of a slab, and these are not part of the plan, you won’t get them and be on budget or to plan.

What is a custom home?

As with a bespoke suit or dress, a custom home is tailored expressly for you, using materials you select on a lot you choose. The only limits with a custom build are budget, building codes and regulations. A custom home build begins with a design-build professional like Galiant, who in consultation with you, plans your home to your budget and requirements. In the design phase, you are guided by designers who space plan and specify your home’s decor according to your preferences. A custom build even allows change orders beyond paint color. Custom builders also have a project management team which keeps you informed regarding the progress of your home and streamlines the construction process.

What’s right for you? Semi-custom or Custom Home?

While there is no wrong choice, it comes down to your preference for a unique home versus one which may be like someone else’s. If you have the resources to invest in a custom home and desire a residence that is singular, choose a custom home.

After all, a custom home is the ultimate expression of your personality.

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